Can a Handyman Install a water heater?

People often ask: Can a handyman install a water heater? And the answer is absolute yes! Let me first clarify what a handyman is! As the name suggests, the art of completing the service with an experienced hand. Some of the major services in which a handyman out stands are plumbing, Carpentry, Excavation, Electrical, HVAC, Painting, Power washing, Yard cleanup and upkeep, Trash disposal, Trim installation and some more. One of those includes water heater installation too. A plumber can do this job appropriately. So if you think a handyman can install a water heater or not, then they can do the job with great efficacy.

can a handyman install water heater

Do I need a handyman to install a water heater?

Water heater installation or replacement is considered treacherous if not done carefully or with experienced hands. You might feel like saving some dollars on repair and installation costs, but if something goes wrong, it can cost more than you can imagine. Our experienced handyman suggests you look for a professional worker for such water heater installation service.

When should I look for a handyman?

Its time for you to look for skilled handymen for water heater installation service if the following are the problems faced by you:

  • Your heater stops providing you with hot water.
  • Water does not heat up according to standard heater operations.
  • Irritating noise from the heater.
  • Your water heater started a leak.

What things must I discuss with the handyman before installing a water heater?

  1. Some areas require a water heater installation permit. So the first and foremost thing is to ensure you have the water heater’s permission. This is a must because once the installation process by the handyman is done, inspectors check if it is up to the mark and up to the code.
  2. An installer can help you decide the size of the heater depending upon the number of family members you have, the number of times you take a bath in a day, the number of bathrooms your house contains etc.
  3. Choosing the right company for all your handyman needs is important due to the quality of materials. Some handyman might provide you with a low-cost installation service, but be aware, that it can worsen the situation shortly. Also, some materials would not be permitted in specific areas. For all such problems, you can rely on Getz Handyman.

With us, you can rest assured of getting quality work as we use top-quality products, experienced handymen, and the most advanced equipment to solve all the problems.

Tankless water heaters are expensive, but are they worth it?

Yes, the installation service might charge you a little more than a standard water heater, but with a tankless water heater, you can be assured of getting warm water throughout. It also takes very less space. One of the best perks of choosing it is saving money for the long run as it is energy efficient and long-lasting compared to the standard water heater.


Can a handyman install a water heater? Undeniably, yes, it is crucial to choose the right company and experienced handyman like us. If you are looking for a water heater installation service in Las Vegas, connecting with our professional with being the best choice.

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