Can A Handyman Install A Toilet?

Unquestionably, a handyman can install a toilet, keeping in mind all the rules, regulations, and codes for the selected building area. To be more specific, it is always recommended to have a professional/expert/licensed handyman for performing your toilet installation service.

The high prices that plumber charges cannot be afforded by all people, and hence looking for an alternative is an obvious choice. Well, hiring a handyman is always beneficial for all such small repair/ replacement/ installation services.

Handyman Installing A Toilet

Handyman Vs. Plumber: Which One Is The Best Choice For Toilet Installation Service?

When you choose a plumber instead of a Handyman for toilet installation service, undeniably, you have to pay double. Cheaper is not always the best route but at the same time, paying more than required is not an appropriate choice in such inflation times. 

Hence, the right choice would be to select skilled, experienced, and licensed handymen who have previously done such toilet installation services. Generally, installing a toilet can take around one and a half hours unless there are other issues. You can expect around a $100 fee, while a plumber will charge you nearly 200-300 USD. Possibly, there could be some extra parts like a wax ring or a toilet seat which can add extra bucks. Everything else would include the toilet.

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