Get baseboard installation in Las Vegas

Proper skilled baseboard installation in Las Vegas provides a smooth transition from your flooring to the walls. Certain floor installations may not necessitate the installation of new baseboards. Others may require the repositioning of existing baseboards. In this scenario, baseboards will be removed and relocated before the new installation. New baseboards will be installed as the last stage.

baseboard installation in Las Vegas

What if I don’t want a complete floor installation?

In that case, we, at Getz Handyman are more than willing to help you navigate. We can update your old baseboards without doing a complete do-over of your floors.

We make sure that your house reflects your personality and style

Getz Handyman understands that people should feel at home in their own space. We help create a setting where you can truly be yourself, reflecting your unique personality and style through the power of design! Let us take care of transforming your house into an even cozier haven – it’s time to make the dream come true with Getz Handyman.